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Mezcal Mayalen Borrego Mezcal
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Mezcal Mayalen Borrego Mezcal


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Category Mezcal
Region Mexico, Oaxaca
Brand Mezcal Mayalen
Alcohol/vol 49%
Mayalen ́s production is focused on using wild agave variations in its products. Our BORREGO label is created from the Wild Cupreata agave species and was inspired by those who have a deep appreciation for sophistication and delicacy. A completely hand-crafted and organic process is incorporated in its production from beginning to end. This variety is complex with a silken texture. Earthen flavors with floral and citric notes linger in your palate after every sip of BORREGO. This spirit is triple-distilled and its exclusive recipe has been used by our maestro mezcalero's family for many generations. BORREGO'S alcoholcontentrangesfrom49%-51%.