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Clear Creek Distillery Pear Liqueur 375ml
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Clear Creek Distillery Pear Liqueur



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Because the pear is a relatively simple sweet fruit, without the tartness of a berry, the Pear Liqueur was the trickiest liqueur to make. Good balance is important. We wanted to avoid making it overly sweet, which is easy to do with the Bartlett pear, or overly fiery with alcohol. Clear Creek is famous for its Eau de Vie de Poire (pear brandy). Because the base of the Pear Liqueur is our Pear Brandy, you get that same beautiful nose of a perfectly ripe pear for which our Poire is famous. The taste is surprising complex, smooth, slightly floral, with a little bit of acidity, and a pear finish that lingers long after you set down the glass.