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AA Badenhorst Family Wines Badenhorst Family Wines Caperitif 750ml


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From the cellar of Kalmoesfontein and the mountain slopes of the Paardeberg we bring you Caperitif. Chenin Blanc fortified with spirit, gently sweetened by the sugar of the grapes, bittered by Quinchona bark and flavored with some 35 truly Cape ingredients such as fynbos, kalmoes and naartjies. Geography is an important but often forgotten ingredient. With South Africa’s good soil and ideal climate comes diverse flora and fauna. The Cape floral Kingdom, growing along a coastal stretch of about 150 miles, is the smallest and richest of the 6 floral kingdoms of the world and has the highest amount of diversity and endemic plants found anywhere on the planet. Many of these plants don’t occur anywhere else and copious amounts of them have unique flavours and intriguing aromas. We South Africans call this “Fynbos”. And it plays a big part in our vermouth, forming the base and the unique “Cape” flavor. For decades this unique Aperitif inspired barmen all over the world. Then, around 1910, the company that made it disappeared, and with it the product as well as the recipe. Fast forward almost a 100 years to when a Danish mixologist met a Swartland winemaker and the ghost ingredient became first a possibility and then a reality. Now we are experimenting with age old recipes and creating brand new concoctions. With the return of this proudly South African product we want to put Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban on the world map as new cocktail destinations. With the recreation of the golden ghost and the potential to educate people out of poverty and into jobs as New South African bartenders, the future is alive with possibilities.

Category Apéritif
Country South Africa
Region Swartland
Brand AA Badenhorst Family Wines
Alcohol/vol 17.5%
  • agv94

Vinouskaapse Dief #5 (17.5% alcohol; a sweet Vermouth made from Chenin Blanc flavored with Quinchona bark and 35 botanicals and sweetened with grape sugar; this is Lot #5): Copper-orange color. Knockout, endlessly complex perfume of orange blossom, cinnamon Red Hots, clove, ginger and mint. A silky, umami-like texture is utterly seamless and smooth. Hints of griotte cherry, orange zest, fynbos and tree bark are lifted by a strong spicy character. Wonderfully complex, moderately sweet and long, with a finishing note of bitter orange giving the finish a drier quality and great refreshment value. I bet you can’t drink just one glass. In partnership with Danish mixologist Lars-Erik Schmidt, Adi Badenhorst reinvented an old South African product that disappeared in about 1910. Serve it on its own over ice with a slice of lemon, or with club soda. It’s also remarkably versatile in cocktails.

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